Our online video tutorials start at just £15 (ex. VAT) for a 60 day rental period. All our tutorials can be gifted.

Make a beautiful willow basket tutorial

In this comprehensive video tutorial you’ll learn how to make a stunning willow basket with willow base. The sections contain detailed instructions on;

Making the base, Inserting side stakes / Pricking up, Upsetting, Siding weave, Bordering and Finishing off.

You will be shown how to rectify mistakes and learn techniques that make willow weaving simple. By the end of the video you will be weaving a base, using a French Rand weave and trimming like an expert! You should also be the proud owner of a beautiful willow basket.

Enjoy over 2 hours of high quality tuition. Three different camera angles make it easy to follow the expert commentary and guidance. Detailed running orders and a Glossary of Terms are also included.


Priced at £54.86 ex. VAT (approx. US$69.50) this online video is a fantastic introduction to weaving with willow. You can even gift the tutorial. Please be aware that after purchasing, once you click the button to watch the video, your 30 day rental period will begin.


Make a round willow basket base tutorial

Rent just the ‘Making the base’ section for 60 days for £15 ex. VAT (around US$18.50)

How to weave a basket base

In this 30+ minute tutorial you will learn how to start a base, the slath, tying in the slath, an underfoot base, how to join butts to butts and tips to tips, the lock joint and finishing off. 3 camera angles make the comprehensive instructions easy to follow.

This base can also be used to form the centre piece of a willow flower or make a platter or tray.


Mastering the skills required to weave a round willow base and basket is important. A weaver can then move on to more complex and decorative pieces. A detailed running order and a Glossary of Terms are included.

How to border a round willow basket | 5 behind 2 tutorial

Rent just the ‘Bordering‘ chapter for 60 days for £15 ex. VAT (around US$18.50)

Willow weaving tutorial

In this 30+ minute tutorial you will learn how to use a 5 behind 2 border on a round willow basket. We explain how to select and start the border, initial pairs, problem fixing, the last rods before threading, threading the last uprights and tensioning. 3 camera angles make the comprehensive instructions easy to follow.

Bordering is usually attempted at the end of a basket weaving course. By this stage, students are often tired and there isn’t a huge amount of time in which to practise. This in-depth tutorial is available to rent for 60 days, providing ample time in which to hone your bordering skills.


Special tutorial packs

Willow packs have been specifically designed to accompany the basket making video tutorial. Each pack contains enough willow for 2 baskets plus plenty of spares!

Buying larger bundles of willow is often more cost-effective. View all our willow.

View the other specialist kits which have been put together to accompany the tutorial.

Online tutorial - Wooden basket base

Buy a beautiful wooden basketry base from our range.

Soaking Times & Tools

Please be aware that the willow will need soaking before weaving. Read our soaking guide for brown & steamed willow or our soaking guide for buff willow.

How to use a soaking bag

Individual, handmade specialist tools also stocked. View our handy guide to tools below. Happy weaving!