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There are a few requirements for this course; students must have a good working knowledge of weaving willow to be able to complete their coffin in the time available.

The following skills are required, and you would need to know the techniques of Staking up through the holes of a wooden base then working a track border using 7ft willow.

  • Working the upset (with a 3 or 4 rod wale) starting in 3 or 4 equal places around the coffin base.
  • Working English and/or French randing for the siding.
  • Working a 2 or 3 rod slewing to add addition height where necessary.
  • Working different borders (Four-behind-Two or Five-behind-Two Borders) and simple 3 x 2 follow-on plait borders.
  • Working a two rod twisted rope handle using 6ft rods. (6 rope handles per coffin)
  • Working willow hinges (to secure lid to coffin) using twisted 5ft rods.


Most lids made from willow are made in a screw block but coffin lids are difficult to make using this method. There are other methods that can be used and the best one from experience is the “sit-down” method (a small bench approx 30″ wide x 18″ deep by 10″ high is essential for this method). However students must have some knowledge and experience in making lids of this size whatever method they decide to use. The lid is the most difficult to control if students are not proficient with making (large) square bases. They must be able to rand using 6/7ft rods and work end borders (same as working a border on the ends of a lid).

The 4 days allocated to the course are very intense and hard working. Each day can be anything up to 8 hrs long depending on students’ abilities.

Skill Level : Advanced

Tutor: Paul Weir

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Our four day willow coffin course is priced at £550. It teaches the techniques required to weave a willow coffin with a solid base.

Learn how to stake up and secure it with a trac border. Next, move on to the techniques needed to weave the coffin body, handles and lid.

Making a willow coffin is vastly different to making a basket. Coffin making is incredibly skilled, so attendees need to be at an intermediate level of basket making experience.

This is a really intense and hard working course. Depending on your ability, each day could be up to 10 hours long.

Lunch is included each day as are refreshments.

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5:00pm – 6:00pm – approximate